Referring to someone who doesn't know how to do a simple thing in real life or in a game.
by Scubby101 January 18, 2017
A person who is unable to realize their own mistakes, and tend to use power whenever he/she it can to make up for crippling low self-esteem that is obvious to everyone.

Also uses tremendous big words to seem smarter and older than he/she really is.

Belonging to a low social class, or typical of people who belong to a low social class.
by ItsThatBitchAya September 30, 2020
A person who is really bad at something or does something really stupid. Also can be referred to as a plebber.
by young_pleb101 March 20, 2017
A Person that has no interest or is not cultured or educated in arts.
My boyfriend would never come to this art gallery, he's such a plebbi
by avalean June 1, 2005
What you call someone named Sebby that is a pleb.
Plebbi sounds like Pleb and rhymes with Sebby.
by JazzlingJ September 8, 2021
(Usually derogatory) -- Typical of the common masses and especially the lower classes, or thought to be unrefined.
He follows football games with plebby enthusiasm.

A plebby tabloid article that attracts its readers with big or sexy pictures.

"I'm sick of these plebby, shoot 'em up, meaningless, action movies!" the professor exclaimed.
by SomewhereElse July 10, 2016
People that think that they know art and consider themselves cultured but in all actuality they are sparkling pieces of douche powder.
Wow, that plebbi bitch wants me to go see that art exibit where it looks like they rubbed shit on the walls. Fuck all that noise.
by RRRANDY February 14, 2011