A phrase used to describe one's inability to eat, pee or sit down while taking care of your loved ones.
Maureen Walsh: “... nurses are probably playing cards for a considerable amount of the day!”
by AuntDoritoRN April 20, 2019
A MMF sexual position in which the chick bends over doggy style, giving one guy a blowjob and having the other guy pump her. Called so because it looks like the two guys are playing cards on her back.
So I was playing cards on this chick's back with her boyfriend, and she called me the next day and asked for some one-on-one time. I kick ass!
by General Septem February 5, 2010
A phrase that means you want to go and have sex. It is comparable to Netflix and chill, but for old people or lame people who do not have Netflix.
Mom: Want to go play cards?

Dad: Yes, let's go have sex!

Kid: Ewww, mom, gross!
by Cori and Laura April 7, 2021
Someone who is an Asexual, because ace is a nickname for Asexuals so that mean's Asexuals come out of the deck and not the closet
Person 1: Hey I'm a playing card
Person 2: the fuck does that mean?
Person 1: it means I'm Asexual
by LivinKawasaki June 5, 2021
Having a weed session with 2 or more people.
Hey man, lets go play cards.

Last night we were playing some cards.
by Bretthieu Awesome June 13, 2006