A toy developed by some fucking company yeeting children into a meat grinder and making a dough out of it to be consumed by the spawn of satan.
My son ate playdough and fucking died of kachigga
by Mr. "REEEEE" Johnson November 15, 2019
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A drug that looks like red playdough and feels like it too. its a mixture of oxycontin, apo-lorazepam, ibuprofen, rubbing alcohol, cough medicine and a whole bunch of otha shit. Makes the walls sweat and time stop.
"Man I got so high on playdough last night the walls still sweatin'!"
by Matt Peeevning March 27, 2008
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When you got a lot of kief in your grinder.
Yo we're about to get lit we got mad playdough!
by Dcov March 24, 2017
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When a male is not able to get a erection but still proceeds to have intercourse by pushing the limp penis in with his fingers, much like pushing playdough in a cup.
Kyle had to playdough it in the canadian girl because he was too drunk.
"Did you have sex with that canadian girl?"

"Yeah I had to playdough it in."
by Kyle the 8 th October 20, 2009
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The act of defecating into someone's mouth then forcing your penis into their still, shit filled mouth causing the fecal matter to be forcibly compressed through the nasal passage and out of their nostrils much like a playdough fun factory.
by elmiguelsanchez April 26, 2010
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to make playdough: when you cum on a girls face and it mixes in with her heavy makeup and it starts to become all doughy like playdough
brett: dude, i playdoughed some girl last night.
jason: wait, she was that ugly that she was wearing all that makeup?
brett: hey, i was drunk and needed to unload.
by jason e 15 December 12, 2006
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