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From the Latin root Playamus Hatamus meaning someone who is jealous of a player because he's got mad skills
"Why you got to be a Player Hater? I got game!"
by Latisha June 04, 2002
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(n) - One who offers truthful constructive criticism that is in opposition to popular opinion or the status quo.
I'm proud to be a playahata, somebody needs to say it the way it is.
by cazort November 20, 2003
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someone who hates people who are all in it just to "get some"
do ya wanna fuck...uhh no
by Lesa March 09, 2003
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An aged specimen adept in the art of sabotage forced sacrifice and general ruining of previous engagements. This disrupter of events is usually known as Garry Appelt. Who also takes the shapeshifting form of a high profile lawyer in a downtown edmonton firm.
Dangit, that playa hata Garry foiled our weekend endeavors yet again!"
by Robin Raytl October 22, 2010
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a noun, meaning one who is so tied up in the game that he has come to needlessly hate on the playa

otherwise known as a sucka , busta , or a wanksta
that nigga say i got no skillz? that nigga is just playahatin on my shit!
by horkypoo December 17, 2003
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