Ebonic term of endearment used for someone who probably spent more time with an individual than their real mom.

Usually not even related to the person using the phrase
'Naw, it's cool dawg, you can hit it, she just my Play Mom'
by Dont-Be-Skurrd June 13, 2004
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A play-by-play mom is an annoying bitch on social media that posts about every little detail about their kids' lives. Such posting events include the losing of a first tooth, first shit, or first time floating in the pool. They completely and totally ruin your social feeds and generally are people you can't unfriend because of the backlash or family peer pressure.
Did you see how Cristal posted six pictures of her kid blowing his nose? She's such a Play-by-Play Mom
by Somervillian November 14, 2016
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