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A common misspelling of the word "plague" usually used by people who are either too ignorant to know the difference or by people who became too eager to type the letter "u" that they accidentally misspelled plague.
He was overly stimulated by the thought of typing the letter 'u' that he wrote plauge instead of plague.

The Black Plague: a historical event in which many people died of an infectious illness carried by rats. The Black Plague has nothing to do with far as I know.
by pseudonym_can_be_blank November 20, 2013
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(plawsh) also (Plawj), n. An epidemic that kills people with little sign or symptons before the disease becomes lethal.
Anthrax, is considered to be a plauge by many because in the period in which it can be treated, it appears only as a common cold.
by Bizzoris March 10, 2006
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