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Plasticization Syndrome is a phenomenon found in the UK's current generation's youth, born in the late 80's and early 90's. It is when, due to peer pressure, perception of an "ideal appearance" in the media, bad parenting, and the culture of celebrity, the girls of the generation assume semi-identical appearances, without realising what they're doing.

Symptoms include aggressively straightened hair, hair being bleached blond to the point where the hair follicles are actually dying, applying makeup that can be measured in inches, saying "izzit" after every other sentence, assuming an online identity containing the words "lil" and "princess", having extremely underage sex, not having any real friends but instead a large group of people with whom to bitch, a lack of personal identity, respect and development and a general ignorance of the world.
Charlie: God, the leaver's ball at school was totally ruined by the semi-identical, orange-tanned, cinderella-dress clad girls- it looked like some kind of weird shop-dummy gathering.
Girl Suffering from Plasticization Syndrome: Mett, laak, wot is iz u on abaat boi? U best not be dis'spectin me or nuffin. Izzit.
Charlie: Jeez.
by CharlieGiggles August 07, 2009
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