A unique specimen who supposedly calls him/herself a football fan, when in fact the majority of their already limited knowledge comes from Google Searches and FIFA games. These people hardly ever watch their team play, and have no knowledge of their clubs history, culture or chants.
" Bro, Arnie Dhamoon is a Real Madrid fan"

"nah, he's just a Plastic Fan"
by Sakhilaz January 17, 2016
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A plastic fan is a sports fan who supports a certain team just because of their glory. Plastic fans will usually have little to no knowledge of their preferred club, and will get overly defensive when you point out their lack of it. They will also never go to games or even watch them on T.V. - When you ask them why, they will probably blurt out the excuse "I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE PLAYING!!!!" or "I COULDN'T BE BOTHERED TO WATCH THEM!!!"
PERSON ONE - "Elena started supporting Man City after they won the league last year despite claiming that she's "Chelsea till I die"

PERSON TWO - "Well what do you expect from a plastic fan, they're all the same..."
by badmantingbroski May 18, 2019
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This word can be used by football (soccer) fans refering to a fan that changed his favorite team because his favourite player left the team or the team was relegated
Sam is a Real Madrid fan but he changed to Juve because Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juve so he is a plastic fan
by GHOST_09870 August 1, 2019
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Someone who doesn't actually support the team they say they do, they just say that team because they are glory hunters or their friends support it, AKA-Eric Kocharyan and Rob Campbell
Yeah I support Arsenal because my mates do-This guy is a plastic fan like Rob Campbell and Eric kocharyan
by MyNiggaLMB123 November 17, 2016
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A person who roots for a Non-Hometown team based on that teams good record. Or from having some childhood memory of going to a game of that said team with their pedophile uncle.
I cant stand Baltimore's collection of Plastic Fan Steeler lovers, they should try some hometown love for once.
by K1ller Mosquito January 1, 2012
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The term Plastic fan is used to describe Corporate football fans who do not specifically have any real interest in the club itself. They only turn up for the Corporate box with their credit cards for the Match, Food and Beverages. Plastic refers to their use of Credit Cards. Doesn't usually have any knowledge on the history of the club and changes their alliegance at any given time.
by JLH7 May 2, 2017
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A member of a soccer supporters club who is intimidated by their charisma and enthusiasm creating the need for him to jump ship to a softer supporters group.
Andy Bajana is a plastic fan as he wants to leave SC and join Third Rail.
by Concerned member of NYCSC October 5, 2018
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