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A severe chode with the circumference and height of a pizza
I had to roll up my pizza dick to fit it inside of that sexy ass bitch that i was fucking
by happypizzalemontoast March 26, 2010
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When you eat a pie plus and you can't get your dick up.
I'm sorry I'm flaccid, I ate too much pizza and now I have pizza dick.
by Rebeli May 26, 2016
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A dick that is infected with numerous STDs. All the different sores, warts, etc. found on the dick resemble the array of toppings on a pizza.
Gross, you had sex with that guy? I heard he had pizza dick.
by HallucinogenicRobot November 10, 2005
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A guy who seems like he wouldn't be beyond sticking his dick through the bottom of a delivery pizza just to get some ass.
Man, that guy is so sketchy. He's a total pizza dick.

Take it easy pizza dick, you are scaring everyone away.
by MrBadExample19 November 12, 2006
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Taken from the Dick Talk language. In English, pizza dick translates to "Piece of shit". Taken from English, piece of shit turned into piece of dick in the Dick Talk language. When spoken, piece of dick sounded like "pizza dick". Today, in Dick Talk we say pizza dick which ultimately means piece of shit.
Today I saw some dude hit a lady at a stop light from behind and then take off. What a pizza dick!
by pshars July 13, 2006
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