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Piyushed: adv. The act of being stalked for common and easily accessible information in a consistent and annoying manner. When the requested information is presented to the Piyusher, he or she will request more.
Piyusher: What's that site with those user generated definitions?
Victim: Is this why you called me 5 times and emailed me 7 times to call you?
Piyusher: Yeah
Victim: Urban Dictionary
Piyusher: Can you spell that?
Victim: Just google it.
Piyusher: Can you email me the link?
Victim: .....Am I being Piyushed right now?
Piyusher: What browser do you use?

Piyusher: You still there?
Piyusher: I can't hear you, we may have been disconnected... I'll get you on your cell if you can hear me.
by lolthings October 12, 2011
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