Pixel Gun 3D is a minecraft styled mobile fps, basically minecraft with guns, you collect guns and upgrade them by getting money from matches, same goes for armor. However, the game is infested by horny 10 year olds who want to have sex online (and have bad grammar), edgy teenagers whose name is "Royal skittles" with fancy key fonts for example. For parents that who let their kids play Pixel gun 3D, they should turn off the chat option because the most of the sexual stuff happens in chat and it can expose kids to inappropriate words for their age or they should not let their kids go to sandbox mode (the sexual stuff happens on sandbox mode).Roleplayers are also very common in sandbox mode, usually undertale, FNAF or their AUs are the roleplay subjects. The roleplays can go pretty inappropriate if there are teens or almost 18 year olds. Also PG3D has trolls, scammers and hackers which might make the game harder and less rewarding. .Pixel Gun 3D has lots of features but it has crap ton of pay to win. Also you can make your own skin as well but the skin editor costs 50 coins (in-game currency).

The game is available for Android, iOS,Windows phones and Amazon Kindle
Pixel Gun 3D In-game community in a nutshell

In Sandbox
Player 1: Hi, i luv u <<<<3333
Player 2: I lu v yuo to <3
*player 1 and 2 does sexual rp while everyone else is trying to chat normally, ending up raging at the daters who do the roleplay*

In multiplayer
Usually no one chats during playing multiplayer and trying to fight others but here are little examples
n00b: HAXOR!!!111!!!!111
Actually a good player: nah, it's just skill.

by pixelatedSynonym November 7, 2017
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Pixel Gun 3D is a fps game. It is essentially minecraft with guns. This game is available on the App Store, as well as the Google Play store. It is a game made up of trolls, 5 year olds, and people that want to date through the in-game chat.
Steve:" Hey Matt , want to play Pixel Gun 3D with me?"
Matt:" Really Steve? I played that when I was seven."
by stinkybread July 14, 2017
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Pixel Gun 3D is an FPS game on the App Store or Google Play with Minecraft-like aesthetics. Generally, the game is infested with 5-year-olds who know nothing about skill and steal their mom's credit card so they can buy either $100 of coins or gems. It's basically the most pay-to-win game of all time.

And also, there are tryhards on the game who ALSO spend money on the game. Said tryhards are often found with overpowered weapons, and have usernames with altered or special characters. Although you can sometimes make your way up the ranks without spending money, the game shoves offers down your throat in hopes of you giving them your money, and there's a very big chance that whatever you spent your money on is not worth it.
Me: "Did you ever hear about a game called Pixel Gun 3D?"
Friend: "No..."
Me: "Good, it's filled with toxic little shits who waste their life savings on virtual currency and weapons to ruin everyone's day."
by RocketsPockets April 29, 2020
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A legendary classic Mobile game. Every kid born all the way to 2000 has played this game. It is a masterpiece
by HYSSSTO April 27, 2022
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A mobile game created by RiliSoft. It used to be very popular, until a new company took over and fucked it over. It is now extremely pay to win, with a plethora of umbalanced bullshit, and devs as greedy as EA. Being free to play on this game and entering a match is the same experience as jumping into a pit of lava.
Dammit, im so done with pixel gun 3d! This game is so shit now!
by doggo_enthusiast22 December 12, 2020
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A game that literally lets you call pets a pile of fucking shit and write bitch in the chat.
by OmarioGaming@YouTube July 29, 2020
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A game that is p2w as fuck(or was they a hacker I dont know).
The game firstly was not this much of p2w.

But now then they changed the devs to make this game a piece of shit

By sending in op weapon on a lottery and sets event.
Seriously u almost cant even level up in this game.
So apparently as I said its p2w, but thats not the only case. There are the damn hackers.
With no skill trying to spam and jump like a bi#"$.
And net work connection wont even fair for japan they are very op its like they see you slower for 2 second.
My experience with japan is i jumped up into the sky but still dies by chirstmas ultimatum lunching below me.
So this game is so silly. But still i play this shitty game fuck this.
I can be used in none sentences

Pixel gun 3D is a game not word
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