A male individual who will stop at nothing to get a piece of ass by the end of the night.
Go Get her Pittbull!
by Pittbull March 25, 2005
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the sexiest cuban nigga wit green eyes that ive ever seen that sings the freaky-ass song"toma"
Damn pittbull is comin to h-town and im gonna go see him
by la_chula April 15, 2005
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Sarah Palin. A gun toting, creationist Alaskan succestionist that "prays away gays". Elected governor of Alaska since 2006,previously mayor of a small town population 6,000. Before that she was a beauty queen/moose hunter. She has a pregnant teen and belongs to a church that does not believe in birth control methods.
The Pittbull delivered a speech at the 2008 RNC - which was hailed by the media as "knock out punch". She said sarcastic, accusatory things about democrats supporting terrorism, raising taxes, growing the government (the usual Karl Rove talking points), insulting a huge swath of the USA while wearing a big grin.

David Letterman thinks she was a Lenscrafters model.
Palin's speech was memorable! The media slobbered like pavlovian dogs! Divisionism and gay bashing is back! Yippee

But, can that nasty pittbull with lipstick be left in charge of our country if God forbid, McCain who is 72, falls ill?
by monkiki September 9, 2008
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When you convince your lover to get in doggystyle position so you can have a look at the glory of it from behind. Unknowingly to her sneak up and bite the meaty part of the ass gently at first. This will cause them to startle and jump forward, which in turn will sink your teeth further in, after you’re locked in growl and thrash like an out of control pit bull.
Yeah dude last night I gave my wife the sneaky pittbull. It was great but it really pissed her off, now I won’t get none for a week, but it sure was worth it.
by Nolte123 June 15, 2023
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