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Like third or fourth base, Pitchers Mound is a status regarding sexual activity. It is not in direct relation to the other bases of a couples sexual interaction, rather an independent stage of physical play.
It is the act of punching your partners crotch area (Usually with surprise). You continuously punch the others genitalia -- as if with each strike of contact (from fist to delicate reproductive tissue) you receive an extra point. Sure -- they may resist, and at the same time try to punch yours, but unlike hitting a "home-run" (resulting with both partners taking out a great deal of pleasure) there is only one winner within each session.
The difference between reaching Pitchers Mound and ferociously hitting the human-juice out of your mate's reproductive organ is that it is fun and safe. I tend to yell "Pitcher's Mound!" while I enact a harsh blow to my girlfriend's vagina. Only a Chad would injure another's crotch area without warning or playful desire.
Kyle: "Emma, what do you want to do? We have already passionately accomplished the four bases a hundred times."

Emma: "Well, we haven't done Pitchers Mound yet."

Kyle: "Pitcher's Mound!" (Kyle strikes Emma's Vajayjay with a Mexican undercut, the dirtiest of all the undercuts)

Emma: "Fuck! My Vajayjay is bleeding. I guess you win Kyle."
"P.S You're Hawt."

Kyle: "Because I won like a boss, I am going to incorporate this event in my definition on Urban dictionary."
by AnalMonster666 February 17, 2015
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When having sex from behind. Pull out and nut in your hand then wined up like a pitcher and throw it in her face. Immediately following yell "Strike!!! Your Out!"
I was with your mom last night and I finished with a pitchers mound.
by Booya(You know it!) December 29, 2010
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The act of defecating on the bathroom floor immediately in front of the toilet.
Related: upper decker
Special Note: Much like the Upper Decker, the Pitcher's Mound bears weighty ramifications and sends a powerful message. As such, it should only be unleashed when the circumstances are dire and there seems no other course of action.
The shit was about to hit the fan, but Tommy made sure it hit the floor first.
by Shi Zewr Porwn April 17, 2005
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Anal fisting, the next logical step after having sex.
"Dude i got to second base with Jen last night"

"Well you're well on your way to getting to the pitchers mound"
by babaoriley October 15, 2008
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