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v. 1. The act of slapping someone with the momentum of your leg. Similar to pitching a baseball
Pimp: My bottom bitch is actin up again, and my bitchslaps just don't do it anymore.

Dealer: You should do pitch slaps instead, They get the job done.
by lonelybillionaire July 11, 2010
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When public radio and TV announcers get particularly irritated with a lack of donations. originally coined by Click and Clack, March 2007, on NPR's CarTalk.
In the final minutes of the fund drive, the radio announcer pitch slapped the audience for a lack of donations.
by mandy-louise April 01, 2007
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An act which checks and ultimately shames an individual that sings off-key.
"Choir practice today was horrid! The director pitch-slapped some soprano because she went flat. "
"I'm about to pitch-slap Amber. She just cannot sing like Beyoncé, no matter how much she thinks she can!"
by Amanuensis May 12, 2015
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