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When you believe you are engaging in a legitimate conversation only to find yourself staring down a sales pitch.
My neighbor said he wanted to show me something and when I went over to his house he Pitch Slapped me.
by Joeshepherdmba September 26, 2017
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The act of getting loaded with gargantuan amounts of work before submitting a pitch to a potential client for business. Usually characterized by 4 am work schedules, take away meals, frequent cigarette breaks, long periods of sexual abstinence, disconnect from the outside world and a general frustration towards the act of existence. Most frequently observed in professions of advertising and consulting.
Girl ( feeling frisky ) : Babe, why have you been so cold to me all week ? Is everything alright ?

Boyfriend : Sorry babe, its not your fault. Iv been pitch slapped all week with the presentation coming up on Friday.
by A.I.R July 15, 2016
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