A pit boss is the same as manager but in the gambling industry. He supervises the casino's pit like table games such as craps, roulette and poker.
He is in charge of all people working in a given pit including dealers or even maintenance personnel. He is responsible of the games there.
"Life is a gamble something like a pit boss, i keep it angry something like I'm pissed off" - Math Hoffa
by Mistah Atef November 9, 2010
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The Stranger with an assist. Have another person hit you in the cluster of nerves in your armpit with their thumb, causing your arm to go completely numb. Then, with your working arm, grab your dead arm and jerk yourself off.
After a long day, my buddy treated me to a pit boss.
by jmgateley March 1, 2020
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A National Hip Hop Recording Artist from Dallas, Texas.
God grounded, Texas-raised, and as trill as they come, Pit Boss has been writing music since 13 years old. Through the pain and experiences he suffered while on the streets and in prison he rediscovered his love for God and music. Now Pit Boss seeks to reach those with similar or worst life experiences and struggles through his music to show that one can rise from the ashes to succeed at life. Finally there is a rapper who is authentic and who has lived or is living all of the music that he creates.
Pit Boss is a Trill Motivating Hip Hop Artist who reaches people through true life experiences through all aspects of communication. Primarily Music
by Alysa S. March 29, 2012
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a tv show on Animal Planet featuring a bunch of midgets trying to rescue pitbull dogs from abusive owners
Guy 1: You watchin' some kinda Jerry Springer special about midgets?

Guy 2: Nah, just a regular episode of Pit Boss.

Guy 1: Suit yourself. I'm gonna go masturbate to some Emma Watson fakes.
by Schnackenpfefferhausen February 15, 2011
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Very observant and able to recognize particular individuals out of crowds or busy environments, especially when not expecting them to be there. Elements that would make a good pit boss at a casino.
My friend was constantly spotting famous people and old friends when we went out.

He seemed to take notice of everyone in the establishment.

He had those "pit boss eyes."
by iGetNoRespect April 28, 2019
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