more severe than pissed the hell off
one is subject to kick the object/person's ass

spontaneously combusting is imminent
side effects include:
-red in the face
-steam coming out of ears
-speaking through clenched teeth
-hands at side trembling
Katie: Tom, what's wrong?
Tom: I'm so pissed the fuck off...
Katie: Why honey?
by FrenchieKRebelz December 14, 2010
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totally pissed off to the nth power; so angry that you are about to do slap someone in the face but need to express it verbally instead.
by finewoman September 21, 2013
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Deep-rooted, deeply-seated (black) anger.
Regarding the LeBron James-Gisele Bundchen-Vogue-cover controversy, Jason Whitlock (Columnist for the Kansas City Star and FOXSports) writes:
I can barely keep up with when I'm supposed to be disappointed as opposed to offended as opposed to being pissed smooth the fuck off.
by rahess March 27, 2008
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To be very drunk. Derived from various English and American slang terms for drunkenness.
Jane: "Did you have many drinks today?"
Brandon: "Hell yeah, I am pissed fucked off my hammer tits!"
by manfromengland November 08, 2010
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