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1. The act of shamelessly taking and posting pictures on/with/in but not limited to: classic cars, guitars, bathroom mirrors, stand up basses and musicians from touring bands.
2. The act of desperately seeking everyone's attention to like/share you pictures for no other reason than your own vanity.
3. The thought of easily becoming well known in your scene for simply taking pictures of yourself(no you're not conceited)
4. (In dating) The intention act by a phony to seek guys based on their status in a scene.
Girl 1: Hey you wanna go pinupping in my backyard?
Girl 2: Cool i'll charge my phone, bring your bfs stand up bass.
Girl 1: Sweet i'll use instagram filters, suck in the gut real quick.

Girl 1: Hey sweetie could you like my pic so I can win a photoshoot?
Guy on facebook: oh look another girl pinupping!

Girl 1: Maybe if I just start pinupping i'll get facebook famous?
4. Guy 1: Did you see that thirsty ass chick pinupping on pip from Guana Batz
Guy 2: Yeah she's pinupping his jock hard.
by skrunch May 14, 2014
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