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Pinkle: description of anything involving a lack of common sense. Often used in a situations that relate to sexuality or contain an element of suspicious behaviour, however can be used in any sense as noun, verb, adjective or punctuation.
"what is that pinkle stain on your dress?"
"what the pinkle?"
"How are you?" "Pinkle."
"I really could go for some pinkle about now"
"shut up you stupid pinkle!"
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A color midway between PINK and purpLE. Sometimes worn by men who think that pink is gay and purple is a more masculine color.
My best shirts are ready for the laundry, and I don't have time to do the laundry today, so it looks like I'll have to wear my pinkle shirt.
by pentozali March 07, 2014
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a funny word used to describe people. because it sounds funny should be used as much as possible
man, that guy is such a damn pinkle!
by dude May 18, 2003
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cutesy Mom word for pimples....
Ooops, you better wash your face tonight. I see some pinkles coming on your forehead! And DO NOT leave soap all over the sink. I am tired of cleaning up after you kids!
by Mickey Bitsko September 13, 2007
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noun: the male sexual organ particularly when referring to pets or humorously to a person
my dog licks his pinkle when excited.
by motonacio February 17, 2008
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