An overrated band, usually hyped by others who havent auctually listened to them.

Few good songs, but overhyped again by stoners and other druggies who read too deep into shallow songs.
99% of the songs make no sense and are random compilations of noise and sound *Pow.R. Tor.H.*
1% are drawn out slow songs, with excessive guitar solo's.

You cannot find deep meaning or how they were inspirational in a man making bird calls while it sounds like someone is hitting a piano with a hammer.

Stoner 1:Pink Floyd is awsome man
Stoner 2:Yeah
Stoner 3:Man, You should put some on
*1 and 2 look around suspiciously at each other when they realize they dont auctually own any floyd albums, stoner 3 looks pleased because now he wont have to pretend to know album names.*

Me:I've put up with enough people getting stoned/fucked up and putting on floyd to "trip with", its terrible music. Terrible.
by James Mazon June 20, 2006
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1) duh.

2) dude, your pink floyd just tore down the wall...
by Squeed February 17, 2005
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Rock band who's name is synonmis with mellow which also describes their music
PINK FLOYD o ya that shit is so mellow
by RIFFMASTER June 10, 2004
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The Mythological Gods of the Greeks and Romans, whom resurfaced to give us a reason to smoke pot and watch "The Wizard of Oz" simultaneously.
"Dude, 'Darkside of The Moon' by Pink Floyd is god-like"
by JKKC January 03, 2008
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1) Music for old people on drugs

2) Music that people who cant afford drugs listen too.
"woah dude I am like so high on this music man, its like.... woah"
- Some 14 year old kid
by AngryLiam March 14, 2005
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