One of Benders top ten most freqently uttered words from the series "Futurama"
Im taking the next pimp mobile off this planet!
by Aladin January 13, 2006
A cadillac, a pincho, or a damn fine sexy looking car. It often goes well with a pimp, some baby powder, or members of Bufu.
Yo man, check that car out! That's a pimpmobile Bufu needs!
by E-Money June 8, 2003
A sazzy looking car that belongs to a pimp
"Dont mess with da Pimp Mobile hoe!"
by Ice&Masta May 13, 2003
The car or "ride" in which a PIMP (like Mr.I) rides in.
That ghetto golf car that Mr.I rides in is so pimp!
by SMSTUDENT November 29, 2004
The type of poor-quality big-ass car driven by a pimp. Unless he's vietnamese of course. Vietnamese pimps ride motorcycles, it's in Full Metal Jacket if you don't believe me...
Sucky sucky ten dolla, gotta save me, buy reel big pimp-mobile! Ya, love you long time so I get caddy!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004