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A man that lies on his back with his arms over his head and allows the woman to do all the work, with a big grin on his face.
Don the "pillow prince" lays back doing nothing cuz it might fall out if he moves.
by beentheredonethat..whohoo December 27, 2011
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A man who always wants oral sex (so all men). In this situation he always does recieve it and gets sex on call. When it comes to returning the favor ; this comes occasionally, I can not stress enough! The male pillow princess or "Pillow Prince" forgets every other day that has passed. When he gets a wild hair and decides to take full control in a missionary or some kind of doggy style or dominant position, talks mad shit for a few hours to a few days.. Depending on how debonair, bad he thinks he is and how full of shit he is. More than likely he is a bomb in the bedroom.. So the cycle always repeats. Almost always an attractive man who knows how to please his partner. A male pillow princess lays back and enjoys for a couple weeks and puts it down for a couple days.. Always talks shit. Gay or strait man. Good looking. Puts it down. Later acts like he did you a favor.
I give Brian head daily, rub his back and am always making the moves plus I basically stay in backwards cowgirl. He blows my mind for two days every couple weeks and acts like he doesnt get head on the daily. Fucking pillow Prince.
by ReformedNtakenSlutbucket<3 April 05, 2017
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A guy who will be of heterosexual/bicurious identity that will very occasionally partake in sexual acts with those of the same sex, though they will not fully commit to the act and hence only receive gratification when having sex.
Gay 1: hooked up with that 'straight' boy Daquan again last night, same situation as usual, only gave him oral but it was fun.

Gay 2: Gosh you need to stop messing with pillow princes and find yourself a commitment instead of messing with all these that are in denial of themselves.
by SWK9915 September 15, 2017
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