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A dweebus is the combination of the words "dweeb" and "dingus." It's meant to be used to tease your dweebus friends.

This is meant to be used for someone you really love and don't mind making fun of. Spread the dweebus all around, y'all.
Person 1: "Omg you're such a dweebus."
Person 2: "What does that mean?"
Person 1: "You're just like a class A dweebus. A dingus and a dweeb all in one."
by DD-DD January 17, 2016
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A name used for stupid people you don’t like when you want to sound like the internet. If you meet one in real life, they might look something like a fucked-up combination of dicks, weed, and a school bus. So, in jest: You’ll know one when you see one. ;)
Nerd 1: Wow, that guy is a real dweebus.
Nerd 2: Holy poo man, are you the internet? ‘Cause you sound just like him.
Nerd 1: Was it not obvious, ya dweebus?

Uneducated Negro: Yo brutha, some crazee shits goin on at dat skewl over der.
Educated Negro: What? I can’t understand you.
Uneducated Negro: I think wun of dem chillun r bein a dweebus.
Educated Negro: Is there a translator anywhere?
by Ronald Bringus Ph.D. October 26, 2015
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That one person who thinks they’re your ‘friend’ but no one actually likes them. Is part of the Rick and Morty fandom and usually has a crush on another of your friends.
Friend 1: ‘Wait, is THAT ‘name’?
Friend 2: Well, they’re more a Dweebus than anything else.
by Shadow_Dude May 04, 2018
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a combination of dweeb and doofus
an all around dumb person or one who is acting foolishly
wow he looks like such a dweebus with that jacket on!
by isabelle elizabeth April 13, 2019
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