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Also known as "the skinny arm trick" or "the teapot pose", the pig wing is the classic pose of choice for fat chicks when taking pictures. They will bend slightly forward and put one hand on their hip in classic teapot fashion. They believe that it accentuates the curvature of their waist and makes their flabby arm look thinner. It doesn't.

The pig wing is more commonly used after the fat chick has lost 2-5 pounds and believes that they now look good. If you see a fat chick doing the pig wing, she probably has several "before" pictures of herself looking pretty much just as fat as she does now. The only discernible difference is a shirt or dress that is uncomfortably tight fitting and the presence of the pig wing pose.
Wow, that girl on FB is doing the pig wing pose in every picture. They are all in the album titled, "my weight loss journey - 2 lbs down, 200 left to go!"
by Shooooooo April 02, 2013
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