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Used to describe masculinity, cleverness, and extreme sexual frumpiness. Also a popular video-game combat name.

Synonymous with :-

Can be used to as a genital compliment.
Wow, you're hung like Piercer!

His piercerinity brought about waves of orgasmic pleasure over me.

I just pulled a piercer! Referring to A++ on physcis exam
by x April 5, 2004
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The sexual act of three men coating their genitals in warm maple syrup and then shoving their penises into the woman's anus over and over.
Those men got really sticky with Amy last night, must have done a Canadian Triple Piercer.
by xXMLGSHREKTXx May 17, 2016
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When two men have intercourse with a woman or “Run Train” on her in the middle of an arctic environment such as in a blizzard or tundra.
Damn AB and Daryl went to Alaska and destroyed a local with a Snow Piercer last week
by Flahugulus Bouglar September 25, 2021
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An anal sex move in which, after the penis is inserted into the ass, ice cold water is poured onto the area, causing clenching.
I heard Jim gave him the snow piercer last night.
by RussianDick April 7, 2018
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When your S/O sexually inserts a large metal rod into your rectum while reciting the Cambodian national anthem. This action is saved for homophobic couples in Cambodia on August 22nd.
John: Hey big papi can you give me a Patriotic Cambodian Rectum Piercer
Tyrone: Bet nigga
by Cleft lardson May 1, 2021
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