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Someone that is friggin pie or is just actin like a friggin pie
Were y’all with cooter last night? Yeah what a friggin pie guy
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by cetrelexis July 07, 2018
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A person who is overly obsessed with pies. Cherry, apple, custard, does not matter, He wants mo'.
Hey, you know that Pie Guy up in the Front End department? I think his name is Adam and he bought all the pies AGAIN!
by Jess123321 September 15, 2007
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Player of sheep tag on warcraft 3. The best player to exist. He makes drewisfat jealous whenever drew is lucky enough to play a game with him... he is just amazing.
Wow, PieGuY owns me so much! -Celestial_One
I know, and compare him to me, he makes me look terrible!-BattleWaRRioR
He should be chief -Drewisfat
by GrandAsnDawg June 29, 2008
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