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The name given to the facial area of a person who has an abnormally large and round face. As implied in the name, the circular face will resemble a pie, or a perfect circle drawn carefully with a compass in maths. A person with a pie face is likely to be mocked incessantly by 'friends', and subsequently may find it hard to talk to people without them thinking they are talking to a floating pastry.
'Good heavens, have you seen how round Emma's face is?!'
'Yeah, massive pie face.'
by suckmahdick101 March 25, 2010
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A term often heard in movies from the 1930's, 40's, and 50's, a "pie face" is an extraordinarily pretty girl.
Rosalind Russell to Cary Grant in "His Girl Friday": "You wouldn't have hired me if I wasn't pie-faced."

She's a pie face.

What a pie-faced babe.

Who's the pie face?
by Great Sage Equaling Heaven January 02, 2009
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A derogatory term for Asians, for their lack of a facial profile (flat-faced) but accounting for obvious raised facial features (nose, lips).
A banana cream pie held up flat face pie-face pie face
by yeahthatswhy February 12, 2010
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usually a term associated with asian people. but is actually supposed to be used with Alaskan people.
I'm in the mood for some pie face food
by Pimpster McSpankable January 21, 2003
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A derogatory(?) phrase used by Alaskans to describe people of Eskimo or Inuit descent.
I saw a pie face in Anchorage who looked like he was lost.
by Herbie Nayokpuk March 18, 2007
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To take ones hand and push another person's face.

An open hand, covering another perons face like you threw a pie at them.
Mark was being a jerk, so I piefaced him and he fell to his knees.
by Dean November 12, 2004
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To shove someone forcefully, but by the face as opposed to the chest or shoulders. Derived from the cartoon action of smashing a pie in someone's face.
He tried to grab my hat so I pie faced him.
by Dudeness September 05, 2005
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