Pidgin is not a language exclusive to the people of Hawaii as a matter of fact pidgin is widely spoken in English speaking West African countries with the Pidgin of each country, region,state and even tribe being slightly different from the other, in Nigeria you can find the Naijá or the Nigerian pidgin the pidgin spoken in each part of Nigeria is influenced by the tribes that live there. Pidgin has long evolved from being a corrupted version of the English language. Pidgin is spoken by about 75 million Nigerians as a second language and about 5 million as a first language
He speaks Pidgin fluently
by @bobmanuel_g August 15, 2019
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Pidgin is not a corruption of English, nor is it slang—linguists (scientists who study language) consider it a completely separate language from Standard English. It uses some English words, though differently and pronounced differently (which is why it’s hard to understand). It also uses words from Hawaiian, Japanese, and other languages
It has its own grammar, rhythm etc. Some important words and grammar are:
Stay—in Hawaiian Pidgin, “stay” means “to be” like in Portuguese “estar” (location now, temporary state now)
Where you stay? (Where do you live right now?)
Da fishing stay GOOD! (Fishing is GOOD right now!)
Where da keys stay? (Where are the keys?)

Pau /pow/ (Pau means all done or finished.) This word is used all the time:
Pau eat (done eating, finished eating—cleaned your plate)
Pau work (finished work—done working)

Slippah (slipper) Slippah means flip-flop or thong sandal—rubber sandals. The universal footwear, slippahs are worn constantly by everyone—at some courtroom doors there are signs that worn “No Slippahs”

Try (please, attempt to)

Try look (please look at that, Look at that, attempt to look at..
Try come (please come)
Try eat (please eat this)

Like (prefer, if it be alright, ok)
You like go fish? (would you like to go fishing with me?)

No like (do not prefer, would rather not, would not like to, not ok)
Nah, I no like (no thanks, I’d rather not)

Can (I am able, I can do it)
No Can (I am not able, I can’t do it)

No have/Have (I don’t have any, I have some)

Not! (that’s not true, said about what one has just said or what someone else has just said, said in a joking tone usually, but usually meant)
by Milolii February 16, 2011
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the slang spoken by the locals in hawaii. people there do not speak hawaiian, they speak pidgin. to all my mainlander "friends": stop asking me fuckin stupid questions about the hawaiian language. nobody here speaks it. now go jack off to Chuck Norris videos or watever u mainlander crazies do.

RULES FOR PIDGIN: Tourists may not speak it (or ull get ur ass kicked)
Local moks, flips, and japs may speak it.
Local haoles may speak it unaccented.
ey braddah, why u goin around wid' dat stupid haole girl? she stay pale as' fok and no can speak no pidgin even! fok u tinkin' brah!!!!

Ho brah! you see me kick dat one haole toris' ass dat try tok to me pidgin? man he shoulda see dat' shit coming brah! he stay 'tinking he da kine!
by who the fuck knows January 26, 2006
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Pidgin is a creole language spoken by many locals in Hawaii.

Some people call it broken English, and to that I say: go jump off a bridge.

You’ll find Pidgin speakers of all ethnicities. However, from my experience, Native Hawaiians and Filipinos have the heaviest accents.
Example Conversation of Pidgin:

Kawika: Howzit, brah?
Iokepa: Eyy, howzit!
Kawika: You like go somewea? Dea’s one Japanee restaurant across da street.
Iokepa: Shoots, we go den.
by kmgk June 28, 2020
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Only the best IM client ever. Used to be called Gaim.
Person 1: I don't like the MSN client its full of those ghey ads!!
Person 2: Use Pidgin!
Person 1: What's that?
Person 2: Only the best IM client ever!
by Andre321 August 9, 2007
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To be hysterical with laughter i.e pishing yourself with laughter
Manny: you’re claperoonied

Ciara: ahahaha I’m pidgin

Manny:pidgin myself fr
by Clappedboi October 31, 2020
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The language spoken in Hawaii. There are more words in the Pidgin English language than proper English, because pidgin is derived from the combination of many other languages, now revolving around the base of english, there's hawaiian, filipino, japanese, and other languages added around that.
from what if first started off from, it transformed into something more grammatical, and with an accent of its own. Haoles have a hard time understanding, not just because we use words from another language, and because of the accent, but also because our sentencing is set up differently. the order in which we say sentences isn't english grammer format, it's more of a japanese, hawaiian, filipino format, haha.
spoken by locals of hawaii of any racial background, hawaiian, filipino, japanese, haole, etc; also spoken with many different degrees of pidginism, depending on what area of hawaii one may be in.
so, if get stupid haoles who think locals to hawaii is stupid cause we no speak proper english, then you're the ignorant fools, cause our pidgin language is more complex than your "proper english."
differences between pidgin and non-pidgin

local style: brah, when we going go to the store? i like get one musubi already!"
haole style: when will we be going to the store? i have quite a hunger, and am currently craving a hot dog.

local style: eh brah, what time now?
haole style: excuse me sir, but do you happen to have the time?

local style: eh braddah man, we go fishing!? i heard get mean kine strikes at polihua!
haole style: hey, would you like to go fishing? i heard the catfish at the lake are currently biting.
by xenoshi April 1, 2008
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