Super villain who ruins perfectly good pictures by unexpectedly jumping into them, making obscene gestures, doing something wildly innapropriate in the background, making it impossible to concentrate on the intended subject of the photo, or all of the above. Pictors are easily spotted, usually having a mischievous look in their eye, as if to say, "HAH! I just ruined your picture. in the name of -- EVIL." Detriments to society, they usually clan together in schools or at social events, waiting for the perfect moment to ruin a photo; can usually be found throughout yearbook pictures.
Person 1: Let's take a picture!
Person 2: OKAY! Sounds like fun.

Person 1: (holds up camera) Say Cheese!
Pictor: (spontaneously bursts into scene, flailing arms and making strange faces) I AM PICTOR! SENT HERE TO RUIN THIS PICTURE! IN THE NAME OF EVIL!

Person 2: Damn, what a Pictor. She must have no life or something, ruining our photo like that... Loser.
Pictor: BAHAHAH! FOOLS! PICTOR STRIKES AGAIN! (runs off into distance, plotting her next attack.)
by Pictor's apprentice November 2, 2009
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when you shove a picture frame up someones ass
ADRIENNE: hey mary do you think you have seen all of the crazy sex analogies out there
MARY: oh yea Adrienne, I have all of thoes covered
ADRIENNE: well...what about the pictoral anal
MARY: oh god whats that
ADRIENNE: its when you shove a picture frame up your bf's ass
MARY: I'll have to give that one a try next time!!!
by spellmynamerightforoncebitch December 13, 2010
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a person who does pictures. Basically an artist
A: Damn, what's Victor's job
B: He's a picter
A: Victor the pictor
by Victor da pictor April 26, 2021
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