Sweaty old ball sack. Typically of the unkept and unshowered variety.
Sheila gave that homeless bum a blow job for a beer and her chin smelled of pickled onions the rest of the day.
by Eaton Holgoode February 6, 2017
- descriptive

1. Pickled Onion

A term used to describe somebody whom has acted in a manor, which would be regarded as nonsensical, impish and / or general Tom Foolery by ones peers.
- After performing a freestyle handstand, Doug falls from his second floor balcony, which results in serious brain trauma and renders him a cabbage-

"LOL OMG! Youuu pickled onion.... .....You alright what?"
by Toast is what I like the most. September 15, 2009
A term of endearment and affection towards a close friend, often used by a Weez!! :-)

Used as phatic talk
I love you my ickle pickle onion
I love you too my prude prune
Like a tea bag, but when the teabagger does not shower for several days, leaving the teabaggee with a rather unpleasant experience.
Yo I gave my buddy tony a pickled onion the other night. Dude hasn't been able to get the taste out of his mouth yet!
by Testicleenthusiast January 28, 2012
Something to respond with when someone asks what you’re doing
James - what’re you doing later?

Me - Just pickling the onion
by Onion Pickler August 30, 2019