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Sweaty old ball sack. Typically of the unkept and unshowered variety.
Sheila gave that homeless bum a blow job for a beer and her chin smelled of pickled onions the rest of the day.
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by Tugg N. Harder February 06, 2017
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1. Pickled Onion

A term used to describe somebody whom has acted in a manor, which would be regarded as nonsensical, impish and / or general Tom Foolery by ones peers.
- After performing a freestyle handstand, Doug falls from his second floor balcony, which results in serious brain trauma and renders him a cabbage-

"LOL OMG! Youuu pickled onion.... .....You alright what?"
by Toast is what I like the most. September 15, 2009
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Like a tea bag, but when the teabagger does not shower for several days, leaving the teabaggee with a rather unpleasant experience.
Yo I gave my buddy tony a pickled onion the other night. Dude hasn't been able to get the taste out of his mouth yet!
by Testicleenthusiast January 27, 2012
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