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The hand motion a person gives to firm the dick prior to sex. The partner grasps the head of the penis and twists using fingers and the palm of the hand, in the motion of opening a pickle jar.
Person 1: “Jimmy how did you lose your virginity again?”
Jimmy: “I was not interested in her, but with the help of a little alcohol and the pickle jar move, my mind was changed.”
by southtwin November 26, 2017
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used to describe a place full of men
Man this party is a pickle jar. There isn't a girl in sight.
by Rob June 09, 2004
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When one pulls the cover's over their significant other's head when cover puller has not showered in a few days and their balls are giving off a particularly vinegary scent. Similar to a dutch oven
It made me so mad when Frank pulled the covers over my head so I could smell smell his post-work out vinegary ball sweat. He laughed really loud and said, "You're in the pickle jar now bitch!"
by anyonmous October 22, 2006
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A football play in which the words "pickle jar" are screamed in a defenders face while waving your arms in the air.
Guy 1: Did you see that?
Guy 2: Yea, he pickle jarred him and ran for a touchdown!
by mygamertagslong April 08, 2009
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party house, place where pickles rule, spontaneously expressive chill spot. etc.
of or relating to tables, food, and friends. and deckle.
Jack: "hey, lets go chill at the pickle jar"
devin: "definitely, man. it's the place to be"
by Lil Jacky. May 28, 2011
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A Pickle Jar is the name given to bear while camping in provincial parks. It is necessary to have an alternate name as some provincial parks in Ontario have strict rules about alcohol being permitted at all or for specific days of the year.
Pickle Jars and empty bear bottles make the same noise when being clanked next to each-other, making Pickle jars the perfect code word when needed.
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