A town in South Mississippi (40 miles from New Orleans/25 miles from the coast) that is known for its teen pregnancy, teen drug use and high school dropouts. At one time or another it was and may still be the highest rates in the nation. Oxycotin is also widely used here.
Afroman refers to Picayune in one of his songs.
Stay here and become like Picayune... pregnant, stoned and dumb.
by Bubble101 August 16, 2006
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The coolest place you could ever live. They really know how to play football, Roll Tide Roll ! They have a lot of super pretty girls that do NOT do drugs or get pregnant.
Are you going to the Picayune football game tonight? They will definitely win ! Roll Tide !
by ccjtbff May 14, 2009
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A town not far from New Orleans where everybody has sex with there first cousin. Harry street has two different families on the same street who been doing it all there lives. So come on down to harry street picayune where everybody is literally family
Picayune where everyone is literally family
by Brittany Willis August 31, 2017
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A girl who has anal sex in order to "preserve her virginity." A picayune virgin often will claim she is a true virgin regardless of how many times she has been anally penetrated.
"Hey, did you know Josephine calls herself a virgin?"

"Seriously? When we were together we had tons of anal!"

"I know, she's a picayune virgin, man."
by Jackson Walker March 28, 2012
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A major periodic newspaper distributed to mayors of SimCity cities, sometimes after reticulating splines, and advertised on wacky radio stations heard when driving the Streets of SimCity.
The Picayune. Buy one today.
by thefellow3j November 8, 2019
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