Typically means Physical Layer of the OSI Reference Model. In rare cases this alias is used on the internet for your typical camwhore.
I need this PHY to work properly or my connection to the network will be FUCKED!
Dat Phy is teh h0t c4mwh0r3 bitch.
by tehJennifer October 30, 2005
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When you know someone constantly lies and is very phake you become increasingly on edge around them. Phying is a verb that describes the action of actively identifying and calling-out these lies when you can no longer take their crap.
"You know she just says so much stuff that's not even true. I am at the point where I am constantly phying around her"
by thebestest.com June 4, 2021
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My biatch phyed me in front of my posse.
by KillinTime August 24, 2006
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Russell: Did you see Adam Bernhard's grade on that last test in Physics?
Sean: Yeah another 100%! He is such a Phys Whiz!
by The Phys Whiz January 8, 2013
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Phys dick (Physical exercise penis )

This is military slang for when a soldiers penis shrinks a considerable size after under going physical exertion with his platoon ( platoon phys ).

Phys dick can also happen in cold weather, maybe on an exercise in mid January, the penis is confused into thinking it is on company phys.
"Oi lads, I've got proper phys dick"

"That phys was nails, look at my phys dick"

"that bloke looks like he has permanent phys dick"
by BigHeckyBallBag August 4, 2019
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when you're in school and you have a phys ed period followed by an art period,
preferably at the end of the day
Student 1: I heard that Ms. Apple's class had a phys art combo yesterday
Student 2: Wow they're so lucky
Student 1: I wish we could have phys art
by SourCream73 June 12, 2017
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describing something or someone who smells as if they just finished phys ed; to smell offensive or nasty
Dude, you fucking smell like phys ed...
by dukenukem3D October 28, 2006
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