pho·to·chop \ˈfō-(ˌ)tō-ˌˈchäp\
transitive verb

to alter a digital image with Microsoft Paint or other image-editing software in a hasty and deliberately obvious distortion of reality, as opposed to "photoshop" or "photoshopping an image"
I photochopped a creepy mustache onto a copy of your profile picture.
by sleepyy September 6, 2013
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To alter a picture using Adobe's Photoshop program. Usualy to make the picture comical.
I took a picture of Becky and photochoped her standing next to a porn star
by J So November 10, 2003
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When someone uses Photoshop to cut an ugly person out of a picture.
"That's such a great picture, you should photochop kelly out and keep it."
by S.S. Sancho July 20, 2009
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The act of Photoshopping any number of people out of a photograph for selfish reasons. Most commonly used for social media profiles in blatant disregard for those chopped.

Also known as "the chop" for short.
Is it really that selfish to be photochopping my best friend out of a photograph she hates of herself but I love of me?

Have you seen his profile picture lately? He totally gave his ex the chop from that old shot of them at the bar together.
by stealyourfacebook September 2, 2016
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