7 definitions by stealyourfacebook

A back-handed compliment
Was that a cold snap? She just said she liked the way I fucked up that presentation.
by stealyourfacebook September 2, 2016
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Snorting a generous line of cocaine off of a penis.
Give her the ol’ Colombian Zip Line.
by stealyourfacebook October 2, 2018
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To pretend to have fun at a boring event where everybody else seems to be having a blast

(Also useful during orgies when you can't orgasm but but want your partners to feel good about themselves)
I was sober at the reception and missing my girlfriend. Needless to say, I faked one for the team.

Maybe I should consider a monogamous relationship. I keep having to fake one for the team at all those Furry parties.
by stealyourfacebook September 2, 2016
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The act of Photoshopping any number of people out of a photograph for selfish reasons. Most commonly used for social media profiles in blatant disregard for those chopped.

Also known as "the chop" for short.
Is it really that selfish to be photochopping my best friend out of a photograph she hates of herself but I love of me?

Have you seen his profile picture lately? He totally gave his ex the chop from that old shot of them at the bar together.
by stealyourfacebook September 2, 2016
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A state of being in which you're not paying any attention whatsoever to the world around you.
I was trying so hard to get her attention, but she was in total airplane mode.
by stealyourfacebook September 2, 2016
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Is that the Alabama Pipeline in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
by stealyourfacebook September 21, 2016
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An orgasm you get while standing
She deserves a standing O for that back massage she gave me earlier.
by stealyourfacebook September 2, 2016
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