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the act of raping someone with your camera; taking pictures of people without their knowledge or consent.
Have you been photo-raped today?
I just photo-raped that guy!
by Margerry Yuhico July 21, 2003
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The act of invading an innocent, unsuspecting person's photograph with the intent of ruining the picture with a hideously silly face.

Similar to Photo poaching but more obvious.

For the greatest effect photo-rape after 10-20 pints or when squiffy, sloshed, wankered, Shitfaced, loose, tanked,

plastered, inebriated, loaded, blasted, plowed or tipsy.
"Dude... we should go and photo-rape them"
by alih February 12, 2010
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Margerry should be charged with photo rape. Her camera flash significantly reduces brain cells.
by Margarett Yuhico August 10, 2003
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When you can't have someone, so you photoshop yourself into a photo of that person, or cut out a photo of yourself and elmo glue it beside that person's photo.
"Stacey rejected my prom invitation. I'm going to photo-rape her in the yearbook.
by GoofyG November 24, 2008
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When you get your picture taken, and put on a website, when you didn't want it to be.
Person 1: I saw you on their personal blogging site.

Person 2: I must have been "photo raped"

Person 1: I'll call the authorities.
by Bastedo May 27, 2008
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