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Vacuum-fit jeans that leave no room for a guys' privates to breathe (sometimes cutting off their entire lower-body blood circulation), resembling dark-colored, opaque saran wrap if it were wrapped around one's legs. They are preferred by boys of that kind of style (way of life, fashion, however you wanna patent it), with long, lithe, gamine (did someone say chicken?) legs. Occasionally, you'll see a boy or two with an unusually blessed behind or front, with either of those body parts wanting to pop out of them that you could just swear it would take just one more gait and the thing would rip off just like *snap*.
Kevin: Dude, why are you drooling? Are you looking at that emo kid over there?
Gary: Yea, shut up. I'm trying to concentrate.
Kevin: Concentrate on what? Those emo jeans?
Gary: Yea, well can't you see? His bottom half looks exactly like your sister's.
by i love second hand smoke March 14, 2005
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jeans that look like they are too tight to walk in, (and look EXTREMELY good) even though people who do wear them will find that they are one of the most confortable types of jeans in the world Also known as "Drainpipes". Can be worn by girls or boys.
Person who doesnt wear "emo jeans": Dude, can you walk in them? they look WAY too tight.
Emo Kid who does wear "emo jeans": Yes I can walk in them. Here, try some! *throws "emo jeans" to the dude*
*Person who doesnt wear "emo jeans" puts them on*
Person who now DOES wear "emo jeans": WOW!! They are so comfortable!
by Stacie-Jane May 26, 2006
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