An exposition giving guy from Five Nights at Freddy's who you only ever hear through pre-recorded phone calls and tapes.

Not to be confused with Phone Dude, who takes his place for a while in FNAF 3 after he dies horribly.
For some reason, fans are prone to drawing him with an actual phone for a head, which actually managed to become a plot point in the fangame "Dayshift at Freddy's"
Person 1: "Why's phone guy kinda cute-"
Person 2: "NO."
Person 3: "...go play dialtown."

by AvatarOfTheWhore January 04, 2021
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The kid that shouts out "phone" obnoxiously when the phone rings and everyone can hear it
Leland shouted out "Phone" while the teacher answered it, he was known as the "phone guy"
by Silvy154 May 01, 2011
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slang term referring to apple product iphone.
Bro #1: "Dude, the flashlight ran out of batteries on the camping trip, but we used my GUY-PHONE as a flashlight to fine more batteries!!"

Bro #2: "Great GUY-PHONE story man. I used my GUY-PHONE the other day to scan bar-codes on everything at walmart and get pretty much everything price-matched."

Bro #3:"But you guys never can watch my snowboard videos I put online because your GUY-PHONES don't support flash."
by GUY-PHONEowner August 06, 2011
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