The best phone dating simulator out there
very simp worthy characters
Friend: "Have you seen Randy Jade?"
Friend Two: "From dialtown?"
by weenisweenis November 7, 2020
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the sexiest dating sim out there with a wide range of INCREDIBLY simpable characterz including Karen Dunn, Randy Jade, Oliver Swift n many more!
n to make thingz better, everyone'z headz r replaced with variouz different objectz, most commonly phonez n typewriterz
person 1: "have you heard of dialtown: phone dating simulator?"
person 2: "demo free on steam, and gamejolt? created by directdoggo? why yes i have!"
by brightly coloured bastard November 16, 2020
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p1: "Lawrence and Phil are gonna play dialtown together"
p2: "oh my god they are so cool for that"
by horsemanr3n November 24, 2022
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Dialtown is a phone dating sim where you, player, go out for your love quest to find the one true person to help you out, Along the way you can incouter other characters! Tasks, and picky situations! Dialtown can be downloaded on Steam! And if you want to give it a test-drive, They have a free demo to give you a taste of a sweet dating sim game! Dialtown is made by the one and only DirectDoggo, one hell of a good creator, Might also know of off his previous work like: Dayshift at freddys 1,2,3. Wich can be downloaded on! Dialtown is a greatgame to make time fly away in a good mannared way! So go at it!
by OhMyKeri February 24, 2022
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A weird but really cool game about dating people with appliances for heads, go play it you uncultured spoons or you’ll be trapped here like PintoBean2003
1: who’s the better dialtown character, Oliver or randy?
2: randy jade is best boy and you can’t change my mind.
by I eat asphalt April 17, 2022
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