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A hardened mycelium mass that contains both psilocybin and psilicon. Commonly referred to as "philosopher stones" or sclerotia, they produce a trip very similar if not identical to that of the p. cubensis "shroom" species.
Philosopher Stones are produced invitro, making it much more stealthy and easy to grow as compared to the actual mushrooms the Philosopher Stones are capable of producing.

There are 3 strains currently available:

1.Psilocybe mexicana

2.Psilocybe tampanensis

3.Psilocybe atlantis
Dude! I just ate this sclerotia! I can't believe how amazing this is. I almost have pity on those that say all drugs are bad and are too closed minded to ever improve their lives.
Ha ha Mr. T pities the fool!

Oh my god! I am starting to realize there is so much more to life then buying this materialistic shit!
I need to stop polluting the air and being part of this wretched system. Oh how I love you Philosopher Stones, you have shown me how to be a better and happier person!
by Inner Improvement Movement February 24, 2011
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