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Usually a girls name. Which means very selfless and kind. Philomena will be the sweetest girl you know, yet very powerful. She has a strong sense of determination and has strong faith. She is also very passionate about nature and living things.
by Ladybugs3703 April 14, 2018
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One who is incredibly popular and is selfless and smart.
That girl aced her test, she is such a philomena.
Everyone just fauns over her, she is so philomena.
by Yoix February 05, 2008
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Philomena is very beautiful girl she’s smart king and caring , she still gets angry sad and annoyed she still is only human after all she’s usually surrounded by friends and people she loves . She loves food , technology, and being outdoors with dearest ones. If you ever come across a Philomena don’t ever miss a chance with her she may be confusing and hard to read at first she may even seem not interested but that’s only because shes scared of getting hurt and puts up a sheld but once she trusts you, you’ll want to spend every waking moment with her just so you can see her beautiful smile , her gorgeous eyes and flawless face and just so you can hear her laughter or even just to talk to for hours on end because she’s amazing listener and amazing friend and even more amazing girlfriend.
Philomena is simply perfect

“She’s such a Philomena “

“Why can’t you be a Philomena”
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by Nina the ordinary girl September 22, 2018
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Synonymous with a "tease." You can look but you can't touch...
Boy 1: I like you
Boy 2: I like you
Boy 3: Marry me
Philomena: I like you all (shaking her booty) but I don't touch.
by danigrrl73 November 05, 2007
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