The love for mankind
Genoursity towards mankind
Presedent Bush is the Antiphilanthropy
by Mark Schall February 16, 2006
From the ancient Greek "Phil Collins" and "Anthropos"; the literal translation is "Phil Collins Man" but the word more loosely translates to a condition in which a man transforms into Phil Collins or gains Phil Collins-like qualities and abilities.
Jim: Hey, why do I always hear Steve singing Sussudio on nights when there's a full moon?
Bob: Steve suffers from Philanthropy.
by meiyoumayo January 24, 2012
The act of tying a burlap cord around one's sack to prolong the act of sex - especially when practicing the european act of a-nal.
That guy was a really into philanthropy - he lasted like 45 minutes - now I'm like a hotdog in a hallway
by That Guy 415 July 28, 2010
A style of cut downs used mostly by left wing cross dressers.
Man, i went to this club last night in honor of Bill Clinton's many achievements. What! why are you laughing?
Anyways-they had this comedian and he was throwin the philanthropy style of comedy down. The best part about philanthropy style of cutdowns they always have cross-dressers perform the jokes..
by shaun farrell shaun farrell September 25, 2006
Of, or containing, significant philanthropy.
Billionaires John Longson and Harry Nustack exposed their philanthropiness to the entire world by each donating five million dollars to charity.
by Pat McCooch November 29, 2010
When rich white people donate to poor black kids because most likely they were accidents.
Black Boy: I just love getting money from rich white philanthropy people to spent on drugs. I just love fuck the spelling I don't know.
by Captain Kurk 69 November 23, 2010
Donating to charity for the explicit purpose of embarrassing an acquaintance by associating their name with a ridiculous cause. Especially effective on kickstarter and other named giving platforms.
LOL. I just donated $100 in my boss's name to The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation. That's some next-level philanthropy trolling.
by coachbob August 28, 2018