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At times he struggles, but he does it for the people he cares the most. He's generous and always makes sure he brings someone smile when their emotional. He's very funny, kind, smart, and up going for people. At times he messes up but will always make it for what you like and will try to make you laugh always. If you ever have a pharoah. Keep him, at times it's hard for either you or him to let go of someone you or him are attached to each other.
Damn Pharoah is hella funny and cute
by Life sucks but life can suck i November 6, 2020
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Verb. To lead of group of stupid pedestrians into the middle of the car-filled busy road only to get stuck between lanes halfway and stranded. Older versions of this phenomenon include the Egyptians being forced in to the parted Red Sea by the pharoah, only to be drowned by the wrath of Moses, the Jewish God of the Sea a.k.a. Neptune.
That Pharoah just pharoahed the shit out of those Egyptians. -OR- That drunken retard just led us out into the middle of the highway and a car ran over Eric. He just got totally pharoahed.
by T-Forcer October 10, 2008
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An individual at the top of their game, godliness, above the rest, or just a sick individual.
"We are not at the top of the pyramid, we're the pharoahs buried beneath."

"We're fucking pharoahs"

"Those jeans are so pharoah man"
by thepartytrain April 9, 2005
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To be punched so hard that the victim of this punch is either knocked out or is given a bloody nose.
Dude 1- "Damn! What happened to you?"
Dude 2- "Shut the hell up!"
Dude 1- *Lml* "Deebow pharoahed you!"
by YoungHeru April 19, 2015
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really good lyracists(rapper)from queens,
worked with blackstar,nate dogg,styles p
M.O.P and other underground rappers u have to cop his track no mercy ft M.O.P
"this ryhme will remain in the minds of my foes forever in imfamy the epitome of lyrical epiphanies skillfully placed home we carefully plan symphonies who would be ignorant enough to have the audacity to fuck with likes of my and my tenacity this is wat u get when u fuck with tha likes the magnamous flows of total assholes and ignoramases M.O.P/ pharoahe monch cause damages the advantage is we banish labels artists and managers ametuers found six feat deep in metal canisters" (no mercy pharoahe monch 2/3 of first verse)
by nb allah April 1, 2005
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A great underground rapper. Appeared along side wyclef in the great 'Kenny Roger's Dub Plate' track, also appeared with Talib Kweli and Black Thought in 'Guerilla Monsoon rap' produced by Kanye west. His album Internal Affairs is great too.
'My Life' by Pharaohe Monch and Stlyes P is one of the best songs i've ever heard.
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