An Egyptian leader who gets a lot of ass. Like A LOT of ass. There is literally no limit to the quantity of ass acquired by a thunderbitchen' pharaoh.
by Askthewizzard09 October 25, 2011
Also called AOTP is hip hop supergroup created by Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks in 1998.

The original 5 members included: Vinnie Paz, Chief Kamachi, 7L & Esoteric, Virtuoso and Bahamadia, along with JMT producer Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind and released their debut EP/single "The Five Perfect Exertions" b/w "War Ensemble".

In 2006, Virtuoso and Bahamadia was no longer with the group and the group recruited more members making the group formed with the following members: Paz, Kamachi, 7L & Esoteric, Outerspace, Apathy, Celph Titled, Reef the Lost Cauze, Des Devious, Faez One and King Syze. They released their album called "The Torture Papers" on March 21, 2006.

The group now consists of: 7L, Apathy(Demigodz), Celph Titled(Demigodz), Chief Kamachi, Crypt the Warchild (Outerspace), Demoz, Des Devious, Doap Nixon, Esoteric, King Magnetic, Jus Allah, King Syze, Planetary (Outerspace), Reef the Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks). They released their second album on September 25, 2007 called "The Ritual of Battle".
Army of the Pharaohs is true east coast rap.
by kevz September 24, 2008
An ancient Egyptian Pharaoh that parties. One typically gets a lot of pussy; so much so that some would consider the amount obscene.
"Yo dawg, that guy gets entirely too much pussy"
"Man, homie be a thunderbitchen' pharaoh!"
by Kelsey0011 October 24, 2011
In BDSM, the ultimate power-trip sexual position for the alpha male. Named after the Egyptian pharaohs, who were worshipped as livings gods, and also because of the triangle shape of the sexual position; the top of the pyramid being the leading man’s penis. The position requires 4 people - an alpha male, a submissive girl, and two submissive males. The act consists of the two submissive males lying on the floor, on their backs, usually with only their heads protruding from underneath the foot of a bed, looking straight up. The female will kneel on the bed with her face down and ass up ready to be taken from behind. The alpha male stands barefoot on the faces of the two submissive males (one foot on each face; heels to foreheads) while fucking the submissive girl from behind. The stance signifies the alpha male's undisputed dominance over other males and his mastery of women. The feeling of the faces of other people under your feet, being used as your floor and fuck mat, while a submissive girl obediently presents herself for your pleasure is the ultimate power trip – you’re now a living god.
You two, down on the floor, you on the bed. I feel the need for a pharaoh fuck.
by chattelslave August 31, 2011
Army Of The Pharaohs is an underground hip-hop supergroup consisting of Vinnie Paz, 7L & Esoteric, Apathy, Planetary, Crypt The Warchild, Celph Titled, King Syze, Chief Kamachi, Des Devious, Faez One and Reef The Lost Cauze. They just released their debut album called "The Torture Papers". They represent that hardcore raw shit and that ol' boom bap rap. Also known as AOTP.

Planetary Unveilin' the secret is more than fairy tales when we preachin'/ This that '94 Boom Bap shit that we teachin'
Celph TitledAnd it's "A" 'cause we animals, "O" 'cause we ominous/ "T" 'cause we tyrants and, "P" 'cause we're prominent
Army Of The Pharaohs are some hardcore muthafuckas who keep underground rap alive.
by Slugga July 20, 2006
A sexual act where the penis is placed on someone's forehead facing upwards, resembling the snake on a pharaoh's headdress.
We've been together long enough now that I feel comfortable giving you the Pharaoh's Pet.
by wca May 16, 2011
"Pharaoh's Cup," or "Egyptian Pong" is an alternative version of the game commonly known as "Beer Pong." The game was established on June 1, 2009 by Egypt crew 2009. It is a game that is played with three or more people. It consists of 19 party cups of beer set up around one center cup in a circular formation ( center 1, inner ring 6 ,outer ring12). The center cup is surrounded by a ring of 6 cups, while the ring of 6 is surrounded by a ring of 12 cups. This game is not played in teams; rather each player takes turns, in a clock-wise or counter-clockwise direction. The winner of the game is the one who makes the last cup remaining. Each player must be at least a distance of 2 steps behind from the outer circle when they are shooting the ball, if he/she is not further than 2 steps behind the outer circle, his/her shot will not count and she will have to reshoot. When a player makes a ball into a cup, he or she gets to choose a player to drink from the cup with the exception of making the center cup, which then the shooter must drink it himself/herself, then replace it with a cup chosen by him/her. By making the outer circle of cups, whoever the player chooses to drink must drink 2 cups (similar to the rules of bouncing in the traditional game of beer pong). However, bouncing will only be counted as one cup in this game. When only 7 cups reamain in the game, an auto re-rack must be performed (no other people are allowed to join the game at this time). The first rack is in the form of the inner circle with the center cup. The second (also the last) re-rack must be done when only three cups remain in the game. This final re-rack takes the shape of a triangle. The winner (player who makes the last cup) claims the last cup as their pharaoh’s cup and can put a tag or initials on it to signify their possession of it. If someone makes that cup in games after that the pharaoh will be able to choose who drinks the cup. The only way to dethrone a pharaoh’s cup is to claim a new pharaoh on that same cup, which means that the last cup remaining must be the pharaoh's cup. ….. Repeat till everyone is belligerent haha
by Juice727 June 16, 2009