1. Used to imitate the sound made by firing a gun; specifically a laser gun (esp. a Stormtrooper rifle).
by LaunchOverIt August 3, 2005
When something is so terrible or cringe you have to make a gun sign , point it to your head and say pew pew pew motherfucker!
Bob: hey guys I just rolled a phat old spliff
*skinniest joint you’ve ever seen*
Katie: wtf pew pew pew
by Stoner_katie August 30, 2018
pew pew laser sound. Its also used to ignore arguments.
"You should work on your language"
"Pew pew pew"
by sammyhero February 14, 2018
an expression of... well nothign really, this is used by people who are excited and happy about something that is in most cases unrelated to the topic at hand.
GuyA: What's up?
GuyB: Nothin Much, How bout you?
GuyA: Ask your sister!
GuyB: <GuyA's name here> fuck you, and <GuyC's name here> WTF?!?!?!?!!1
by FacelessWoWAddict April 5, 2006
Pew pew pew is a game that requires three or more people to participate. One of the participants will be the murderer, aka the one with the gun. Their objective is to shoot and bodybag everyone else. However, the murderer can only shoot someone if they're seen moving by the murderer. When shooting someone the phrase "pew pew pew" should be said. If the murderer manages to shoot someone they have to go over to the shot person and put them in a bodybag by tapping them twice while saying the phrase "bodybag, bodybag". The other's objective is to kill the murderer, which is done by tapping their back.
by Higan-san September 17, 2020