Petar is a name. Its like ana nother form of Peter. Its pronounced slightly diffrent. (Paet-ar)

Petars are usually really kind, but they look mad.
To really find their true personality you need to gain their trust. Become their true friend and show them that you want to be their friend. Also they are really smart and shy at the same time. They are also ambitious and know how to be a gentleman. They will have a successfull life.
Girl1: I wanna try and hangout with Petar.
Girl2: That will be hard, but im sure he will like you after he starts knowing you.
by LovelySmile:) November 7, 2018
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Tall long haired guy who likes to bring his gameboy in school. May seem mean at first but is usually a chill guy.
Petar: Jović je loptast
Jović: *blocks him*
by JorMam April 23, 2021
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A Petar is usually very understanding and has good friends that will mainly be funny but if in need will help in any way they can. Petar’s don’t usually like disrespecting his parents becuse he is a very respectful person in general and is very funny. He will usually be very misunderstood by some people but will definitely be forgiven later that day, Petar’s don’t usually like being pushed into something they don’t want to do either. Petar hates work.
“Do you hate Petar?”

“No he is really funny , you should get to know him”
by ilikememesalotkthx November 13, 2018
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Petar's usually try to establish and rebuild the deceased Yugoslavia.
They tend to drink 30 bottles of vodka per day. Petar's are communists, there is no exception. They love gunsand vodka.
Of course Petar's also rush B and not A
like some American capitalist pig.
And that's it comrade.
Petar is a real comrade!
He accidentally re united the Soviet union!
by Petaroni April 26, 2020
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Petar is a very handsome Serbian guy who loves to drink Rakija and Guarana energy. He is usually shy but once he starts to trust you will see that he is a great guy.

Some girls love him but are afraid to tell him.
Girl 1: Is this Petar
Girl 2: Yes I like him but I am afraid to tell him.
by March 14, 2022
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