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A small town in Jeresy with a big reputation. What people don't understand is that it get's a bad rep because some people think that they could define Amboy and that's not the case. It's a great town where most people don't leave because it's all they know. With a over populated high school they still manage to have sucess stories everyday. Perth Amboy is and will always be known as "the Ghetto" but that's far from the truth, here is the truth.

Amboy is a great town to grow up but not a place where kids want to stay forver becuase they want to experience more, like every other human being. For a small town and over crowed population, the people definitly represent and most of the time are proud of where they came from because if they are something they could say they made it.
Growing up there i know alot of things and will forever know how it was growing up there i'm not there now but i miss the shit out of it. Perth Amboy will always be in my heart and in the heart of many others even if they don't admit it.
by Eman the Man February 01, 2007
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Perth Amboy is an old town, having been founded in 1693. It is one of the most historic towns in NJ, having once been the capitol of East Jersey prior to the Revolutionary War. Perth Amboy has always been a city of immigrants, with wave after wave of different ethnic groups succeeding and supplanting the ones that came before. Now it's the Dominicans who are the newest group. When I was in school there, it was the Puerto Ricans who were the new group. My mom used to talk about how the Eastern Europeans were looked down on by the Irish; my grandmother used to talk about housecleaning for the wealthy German Jewish ladies when she was 14.
Who knows a decade from now what the majority ethnic group will be? That's one of the best things about Perth Amboy - it's always evolving, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. I've seen Hall Avenue go from a nice street with shops, bakeries, shoe repair shops to a drug-infested rundown dump to a street that's now living again. So it is with other parts of the town. Perth Amboy is a ghetto in the sense that it is the home of a high concentration of one ethnic group, but it's not a ghetto in the sense that people don't take pride in their families and their homes. They do; sometimes though that's not recognizable to those who have fled the urban towns of NJ for bigger homes, bigger property, and only English-speaking neighbors.

One thing about Perth Amboyans: they will fight among themselves, but they have an almost fanatic loyalty about the town when dealing with outsiders. I've never met someone from Perth Amboy with an inferiority complex, and it seems that the worse rep the town gets the prouder we are to be from here. When I was in high school, we took pride in the fact that the more suburban schools were afraid to play here (Woodbridge had cause - we tried to tip over the team bus - with the team inside it) . Reverse snobbism at its best - lol.
by DownTheShore July 02, 2010
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a city in central new jersey trying to claw its way back from urban decay since the 1990's. It showed some results.
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
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perth amboy is connected to Staten Island by the Outerbridge crossing bridge.It has the historic waterfront abounding victorians with some city landmarks including St. Peter's Espiscopal Church( built in 1722), The Proprietary House which was once the home of the royal governor( built in 1764)and the city marina.The quaint downtown is lined with wide red brick sidewalks,trees,small-chain stores and some restaurants topped by low-rises.This urban insulator is a mainly unskilled community.70% of the population is Hispanic with high percantages of Puerto Ricans,Dominicans and Mexicans.As a result there are many Dominican "bodegas"{hispanic grocery stores),as well as Puerto Rican and Mexican stores and restaurants.Along with the widespread use of the Spanish language. Most people live in row houses mainly old and small victorian row houses.
Perth Amboy is rumored to be ghetto and cheap. It kind of is ghetto for a small city.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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Perth Amboy is a basically hispanic town where people are really close and a tight-nit community. Its located right in between Woodbrigde and Hopelawn. Everyone is really united and work together well. Being born and raised there has helped me to learn to be independent and if you havent lived there then dont criticize; because you dont know until you truly experience it for yourself.
Perth Amboy is:
- amazing waterfront
- great hispanic food everywhere
- loving people & accepting of others
- great school spirit
- truly not given enough credit
- dont ever call it a whore filled town (maybe you just ran into the wrong bitch)
by dali.x3 November 25, 2009
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Perth Amboy is the ghetto or Barrio City of Middlesex County. It is an overwhelmingly working class and Hispanic small town. It's part of the rust belt and the factories have left the waters polluted. Until the 19oos the water was suitable for fishing. However, the waterfront is being redeveloped. It also features a nice view, a small marina, and history.
No examples needed because there are just no examples.
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