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The domination by country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region.
by JASONNNNNN May 21, 2005
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When a more forward nation takes over a more backward nation for land, raw materials and capital.
Imperialism... thanks for taking it all in stride Native Americans.
by StudentOfFreed December 10, 2009
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1)See Star Wars
2)See Gulf War 2
An act of enterprising. In other words, going from place to place, shoving your evil capitalist beliefs down everyones throats, then raiding the countries natural resources and leaving the country with 'freedom' Often used in the sentences with other words, like George Bush, Capitalism, OMFG Bush is a bastard and, WTF is americas problem?! Oil is the number 1 cause of imperialism.
OMFG, George Bush is such a fucked up imperialist/capitalist bastard, WTF is americas problem? SIMPLE! GEORGE BUSH!
by Karl Marx October 14, 2004
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Tactic employed by nation-states, typically those whose population is generally white (Caucasian), in order to gain controlling influence upon a target non-white nation;
Through requiring conquered peoples to speak English, the Pax Brittancia practiced imperialism.
by Guised February 21, 2005
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There was no piracy or anarchy in Somalia when the British and the Italians were in power there. Imperialism at work.

As one elderly Sudanese man asked a British journalist:
"Why did you leave us?"
Once again, we see imperialism at work. - the Sudan was better off under British rule.

India today has a parliamentary government, nominal equality under the law, a modern and Western economy, education system, and military. Barbaric practices such as having living wives thrown onto their husbands' funeral pyres are no longer practiced. All these things are benefits of imperialism
by ImperatorRex April 13, 2009
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see socialism
see militant socialism
see communism
see Nazism
see Marxism
for National Socialism see Stalin
Imperialism is evil crap as is any form of socialism since it is the same thing with racism sometimes being mixed in in some of the less evil strains.
by commies suck March 03, 2006
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