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A city in northern ohio that is commonly misjudged. It is said by many that Perrysburg is a city full of snobby, rich, preppy, hypocritical christians. There are people in perrysburg who are not this way, and actually think about things before they make an opinion, but for the the majority of the city, this stereotype is 100% correct. Many of the people there are ignorant close-minded idiots who think that christianity and the bible are the answer to everything. In some cases, people will reject you if you do not wear certain clothes or play a certain sport or listen to a specific kind of music. Also, the school system is very biased and leans in favor of any student that plays football or basketball, otherwise known as a "jock". The police system in perrysburg comepletely fails in all aspects. The worst crime ever commited in the city besides the rare robbing, is a highschool drinking party, in which the entire police will show up. They will also lie and exaggerate to a teenager's parents for sheer pleasure, because they have absolutely nothing else to do. And instead of spending the city's funds on school related materials, they spend it on ridiculous things, such as, a perrysburg SWAT team, which is pathetic. In a nutshell, Perrysburg Ohio is a town full of (mostly) hypocritical,ignorant,snobby, wealthy, dumbass Jesus freaks who have never been farther than Michigan or any of the other bordering states in their life except for their spring break vacation to Florida.
You know God hates you that much when you are forced to grow up in Perrysburg.
by Zac Mills February 18, 2009
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The farmost excellent town in all of Ohio. A suburb of Toledo. Most people here are freindly and mostly Christian. Perrysburg is mis understood though, anyone who has grown up here knows that it is a great place to raise a family!
Hey kid you dont belong here its not safe, you should move to PERRYSBURG
by Perrysburg March 13, 2009
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Perrysburg is not what people seem to think we are not all snobby, christian, jesus freaks, who never do anything bad. Perrysburg rivals maumee in our sports but kills everyone with our grades. Perrysburg is a fun cool place to live and the only downside is the winter. P.S. the parties rock.
That chick's from Perrysburg!
She's fucking awesome!
by truthbetold(: November 01, 2011
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The richest and by far snobbiest city in all of Ohio. Known for it's preps and lack of any brains what so ever accept for the few religious people. Very socialistic town and very liberal.
Instead of going to hell, Satan sent Timmy to Perrysburg 'cause he was extra bad.
by disturbed0140 December 09, 2004
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