Perfunctory is an adjective, it means to do something without any real interest, effort or feeling. If you do something merely to get it over and done with then that is perfunctory. If it’s something you’ve done that you don’t give a shit about then that’s perfunctory. Indifferent, apathetic, perfunctory, three ways of saying the same thing.
A lick and a promise is a perfunctory wash.
by AKACroatalin October 14, 2016
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A fancier way of saying half-ass. See also #half-ass, #cursory
Girl 1: His way of addressing the problems in their relationship are perfunctory at best.
Girl 2: Jeez girl, ease up on the fancy lingo! We're not Shakespeare here.
Girl 1: You're right, my bad. My point still stands though!
by Bah Zah March 19, 2021
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An action carried out without real interest, feeling, or effort.
When i watch T.V I feel like I just did something perfunctory
by diamondmanizzle3 October 28, 2013
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The mindless, meaningless, random and irritating interposition of a word or words into a conversational narrative or appended to it.
"So I said - like - who does she think she is?"
"I had my head in the toilet - you know - and he jumped me."
"There were plenty of busty babes on the beach - and whatnot."
"A perfunctory interjection is - like - mind-numbingly irritating."
by Shireguy July 8, 2009
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